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SoftPlan Version:

I am SLOWLY learning this program...I have two drawings, one for the foundation and one for the main floor. Floors are assembled and linked. Foundation walls are set at 2' high with a zero offset. Main floor walls are 8' high with (I guess the default of 11.625" offset). I tried to make the offset 2', but they did not display correctly! Why does the foundation appear to be underground???? What should subfloor and tile flooring offsets be? I want to put foundation vents in, but cannot find that in the book either...


Can anyone give assistance???

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Barbara, when you say you have the Floors Assembled and linked do you mean that you have done the following;


a) placed a reference circle on a common corner on both the foundation and main floors

b) put both the foundation drawing and main floor drawing in the Model area in the upper right of the screen

    with the foundation drawing on the bottom, and

c) the foundation walls should have only an offset of 0.00" and the main floor walls should only be offset up by the 11.625"

    ( as a double check ) you could go into the floor mode of the main floor and check each of the components for their 

    individual offsets to make sure they are not the problem i.e. the mudsill or sillplate should have an offset of 0", the joist

    should have an offset of 1-1/2" because they sit ontop of the 2 x 6 mudsill, the floorsheathing should be offset up by

    the thickness of the mudsill plus the thickness of the floor joist etc.   Altogether in your case that pushes the main floor

    walls up by 11.625".

d) Because your placed the reference circle on a common corner Softplan willl now look at the foundation plan wall height at

     that location and it will automatically figure out that it is to stack the main floor including the floor system ontop of that.

     You do not have to tell the main floor that the foundation walls are 2' tall, the reference circle does that calculation for you.


The reference circle tells the drawings not only how to line up vertically but also horizontally.   So it is one of the most important

items to understand.


The other issue of the foundation being below grade could relate to the auto-horizon settings.   Make sure you have the other

stuff above first then we can talk auto-horizon.


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Upper Left

The Model area is in the Upper Left not upper right, sorry !



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Where does it talk about this

Where does it talk about this in the book? I am VERY familiar with model space in AutoCAD, but not in Softplan! Both the foundation and the main floors do not exist together in one drawing, I thought you could not do that?

Bill Wimberley
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Model Area

Barbara, the Model area of the Navigation panel is not the same thing as AutoCad's Model Space. The Model area in SoftPlan is used to define what drawings are to be included in order to build the complete model of the property and/or house. So if for instance you have a Site plan and First and Second floors you would drag the drawings into the model area so that they looked like this:


You place the drawings in the Model area in the order they would be stacked to form the complete model of the house. So in this case the Site would be on the bottom and Second would be on the top.

Bill is the owner and maintainer of

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Getting there

Figured out the auto horizon issue, so my foundation is showing now, but there is a gap between the foundation and the main floor. See image attached. 

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It looks like you have a floor system drawn on bath foundation and main. That could affect things.

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Your sill plate 1 1/2" + 8" joists + 5/8" decking = $10.125" but your walls on the main floor have an offset of 11.625".

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THANK YOU! That was it!

Thanks for the help...the sill plate + joists + 5/8" decking equalling 10.125" was the answer...I guess I need to know what the default measurements are for those things...


Thanks again!