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Extension Format
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2016 Plus

I almost always find when I'm using extensions that I need to switch back and forth several times between "Center"

and "Edge".  

So I have to keep opening up the Extension Format dialogue box to switch back and forth as required.  Does anyone

know of a faster way to switch back and forth ?


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Extension format

Don't know if it's much quicker but I use the floating tool bar for this. So I double click the right mouse button and have access to switch between the different dimension and/or extension format.

Bill Wimberley
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I have my dimension and extension settings on my toolbar.

If you have a macro program you could set up a macro to switch back and forth between the settings. I use a program called Hot Keyboard Pro to record and playback a variety of tasks that are more complex than what can be accomplished using SoftPlan's keyboard shortcuts. There are numerous macro programs out there. Some are free.


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