Extending a portion of the roof overhang

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Tom Sams
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Extending a portion of the roof overhang
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How can I extend just a portion of the roof overhang to cover a narrow porch? I want to maintain the same plane and pitch.


Thanks, Tom Sams

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Roof overhang

I would say to draw a separate roof on the porch with a vertical intersect at the house. I imagine that you have a beam or wall at the porch otherwise you'll need to incorporate a hidden beam to reference to. You then need to adjust the height (offset) of the beam to blend with the main roof.

Tom Sams
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Roof Overhang

Thanks, I did try that, but it seems to be a bear to align and a line is visible in the elevations and 3D. Not sure how to eliminate the line or how to make it align correctly.


Thanks Tom

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Roof Overhang

Tom depending on the roof could you just edit the whole overhang on that side of the roof to be wide enough to

cover the porch then cut a hole in the roof on either side of the porch to make those area overhangs correct ?

You would have to adjust heel height to suit on the main wall.