Exporting all definitions/libraries/settings/lists etc.

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Exporting all definitions/libraries/settings/lists etc.
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In our office there are a handful of computers running Softplan2014.  :


Me (Estimator)



Owner's Son


Despite the fact that they have been drawing houses for some time, I am the only one who is customizing the settings, libraries, definitions in SoftPlan to suit my needs.  I have set up a lot of things in the software so that the plans display correctly, calculate material, and make drawing the plans more efficient (i.e. using the rod and shelf tool to draw in closets instead of just drawing solid and dotted lines for shelves). 


I need to make the other three computers match all of my settings.  The speed notes and trim profiles I've created, the wall definitions, character settings, all of it.  What is the best way to do this?  I don't want to 'export' certain items and forget others.  I am copying my entire SoftPlan 2014 directory right now to a flash drive and am going to put it on another computer to see if it moved everything over.  But it's almost 4 gigs and is taking forever.  If I have to export each type of stuff individually, could someone please itemize the file copies and exports I need to perform to make their computers match mine, so I don't have to move 4 gigs of data around on each computer?  I am aware that the settings all have to be changed in the drawing files as well, but I'm not worried about that yet.


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Bill Wimberley
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You can use the Archive Backup and Restore features to move the settings and files. System Options⇒Archive.

You can choose what to Archive. So if you have not added any 3D Symbols and Textures you could leave those off. Symbols will take up quite a bit of space but after you do this one time you can just transfer individual symbols as you create them and not have to transfer all symbols every time. Most of the other items are relatively small and will Archive and Restore quickly.

On your computer select Backup. Save directly to the thumb drive if you wish. On the destination computer select Restore and browse to the thumb drive to select the archived files folder.

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You the man Bill!

You the man Bill!