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Export DWG

I'm not sure if I've just lost my memory or not ........... whenever I've done Plan Sets and I want to save as a PDF

I just use Cute PDF to print it to the file, and I thought I'd always just gone to File > Export > DWG Version 14 

to save a DWG of the assembled Plan Set Drawing.   Now when I'm in a Planset Drwg and I go in through File >

" there is no option to Export "   ( see attached screenshot ).   If however I get out of the Planset and just open 

one specific drawing i.e. Main Floor then I can go in to File > Export > DWG.   In other words the option to Export

is available from within individual drawings but not from within an assembled Planset ?   I'm positive I didn;t have

this issue before.  Has something changed in the menu's or is it my mind that's the problem ?


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Another Screenshot

Here is the File > ..... Menu Screenshot when opened within an individual drawing rather

than from within a Planset drawing.


Bill Wimberley
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Losing your mind

No, you haven't lost your mind. Maybe just misplaced it a little smiley

2014 doesn't have the ability to export a Plan Set to DWG. You can export individual drawings and you can export Multi Drawings but not Plan sets. The good news is that 2016 will allow exporting Plan Sets to DWG.

A suggestion about saving your Plan Sets to PDF. Since you have SoftPlan Plus you have the built-in ability to save your Plan Sets to PDF. Just right click on the name of the Plan Set in the Navigation Panel and select Export PDF. The resulting PDF file will contain the entire set and will be much cleaner than using a print driver to print to PDF. If you want to save an individual page from the Plan Set to PDF then right click the name of that page and select Export PDF.

If you want to save Multi-Drawings to PDF use reView. Select File⇒reView and then you will see the options to export to PDF there.

Bill is the owner and maintainer of SoftPlanTuts.com

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Wow, Wow, Wow

Wow, export the entire PDF set at once, is that ever fast :-)

I guess this is another instance of having saved PDF's a certain way for so long and

it always worked OK that way, that I've never really gone looking for another way to

save them !  


I continue to be amazed at how many menu options there are in various

drop down menus that I never really notice.   I guess I tend to only look for and use 

those items I've already figured out and only discover the new ones as questions

arise.    I really need to take a few evenings and go through every drop down menu

to see what other potential I am missing !


As usual, thank-you Bill !




Mike Landry
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Yes, great tip Bill. I did

Yes, great tip Bill. I did not know either.