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Exploding PDF file
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2014 Plus

I have imported a detail that is PDF  via ReViewer as instructed in the Manual. I want to modify it and 'explode' won't work here. Keep in mind I am new to SP and this is my first experience with "explode" features. But is there a way once you have imported a detail to get the features of 'explode' so one can modify the detail? There are lines that are not as defined in the original I copied from. If I zoom in then they get more defined but they are then to large to for my Pan Set page.

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Think of a .pdf as an image

Think of a .pdf as an image which can not be exploded.


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Is there a way to format it

Is there a way to format it (PDF File) to something else that can be exploded??

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exploding pdf



When you import a pdf it is an image, or a picture. Can't be exploded. What you can import and explode are .dwg and .dxf. I personally do not like doing this because there are a lot of people out there that create these details that really don't know how to draw real well and I am not about to bring their stuff into my drawings. That is just me though. What I do is just draw the detail I need and then it is done my way and done correctly if the pdf is not acceptable as-is. Having to draw some details is also a very good way of learning to use the softplan cad tools. They are not nearly as robust as autocad or similar programs but you can get the job done. Hope this helps.