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david ayers
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Elevation Opening Pens

         Can’t figure out how to edit the pens for the Elevation Opening Symbols in this drawing.
         Drawing Options / Pen Set Up. Right column change to All Items, reset pen for Openings does not effect openings, but does effect the brick trim around the openings. Curiously, the window components of the garage door ARE effected, but the door itself is not effected. Any help much appreciated.
          On a tangentially related subject, the Layers of this generated elevation drawing include a Layer labeled Elevation Opening and another labeled Elevation Openings, plural. Very curious.
          Thank you. David Ayers

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David Ayers

Bill Wimberley
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Elevation Opening Pens

Elevation Openings are one of those weird items that don't have pen settings that you can adjust once the item has been drawn.

In your Elevation Openings that you sent there are several things going on. The casement elevation openings are created using the casement opening shape. The garage doors use a Door opening shape with the details provided by lines and polygon opening shapes. And the angled windows are actually symbols that are automatically created because they are not shot straight on.

Since there is no way to edit the pen setting for an opening shape you must change the pen setting prior to drawing the opening shape. The opening shape then takes on the pen settings currently in effect. So if the pen setting for Openings is set to pen 2 when the opening shape is drawn then that is the pen that is assigned to that particular opening shape.

Unfortunately this means that if you want to later change the pen setting there is no way to do it other than to completely recreate the elevation opening from scratch by first changing the pen setting then draw the opening shape then create the elevation opening.

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Elevation Pens

I played a little with trying to pre-set pen weights a long time ago but found it cumbersome and confusing. 

So I ended up switching to a system whereby I change whichever lines weights I wish to after I generate the drawing.

Rather than trying to setup weights for specific drawing objects I figured at the end of the day what I was trying to achieve

was to get a certain line weight on an item, so I setup some System Layers that reflect the line weights i.e. I like to use a line

weight of 0.60 for the perimeter lines of the building so I setup a Layer called Pen 6 which is assigned a weight of 0.60.  I use

0.80 for grade so I setup a Layer called Pen 8 with that line weight assigned.   Normally, those two items are the ones I most

often change but I have a few others setup that I use sometimes.  It really only takes a minute or less to click on any lines that

I wish to swtich to Pen 6 or Pen 8.   That way I only have to think about weights not what items have what line weights.   Just the

way I do it, others may use a different method.   An automatic way woudl be ideal but it seems awkward to get there ?

david ayers
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Excellent information as

Excellent information as always, gentlemen. Thank you.