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2016 Plus

Is there a way to Explode everything on a page at one time ?    I often find particularly when doing deck drawing elevations

where the guard pickets, stringers, windows and so on all need adjusting either for length, filleting, pen weights etc.   But

having to explode numerous items separately seems to be a time consumer.   Is there a way to explode the whole thing at

one time ?


Jim C


Bill Wimberley
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Convert to Shapes

Try Edit tab Convert to Shapes.

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You can use Ctrl left mouse to draw a box around the items you want and than explode. The only thing is that for the openings, you'll have to explode it twice because the 1rst explode will transform the "Elevation Opening Symbol" to an "Elevation Symbol" then the 2nd explode will transform to shapes.


Bill, don't know if I'm doing it wrong but I tried "Convert to Shapes" but it explodes everything and saves it as a new drawing?

Bill Wimberley
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Yep, the question was how to explode everything all at once. Saving to a new drawing can actually be a good thing since it allows you to reference the original if needed. Your method of selecting everything and then exploding works as well but with slightly different results. There are other ways of selecting just certain types of entities such as right clicking an object and clicking either Add Selection, Add Type Selection, Add Group Selection, or Add Grouped Objects to Selection.

Something to consider is that "Convert to Shapes" converts everything including walls. Selecting everything and then exploding does not explode the walls. So It just depends on how far you want to go with exploding everything.