Dual hatch patterns for wall types

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Dual hatch patterns for wall types
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2014 Plus

Softplan doesn't seem to have the option to have dual hatch patterns for wall types. Is this possible in 2016? I want an exterior wall as a solid but also show insulation hatch (line) pattern. I understand the workaround of creating lines and shapes to show insulation but Softplan should implement this. 

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I found a workaround to just

I found a workaround to just put an insulation wall over the stud wall... I guess this works.

Bill Wimberley
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Dual Hatch Patterns

You can show the insulation and show the wall solid by adding another material and giving it the hatch pattern.

In this wall definition I added a "None" material and gave it an insulation pattern. The Stud is set to be solid. For your monitor you need to set contrasting colors for the texture so you can see the hatch. For instance I made the stud gray and the insulation black. For print you need to define different Pen colors. Pen colors define print color and thickness of lines. For instance my pen 9 is set to be a medium gray and pen 1 is set to black. So the printout of this wall will be the same as you see on screen. If pen 1 and pen 9 were both black all you would see would be a solid black wall when you print.


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