Double Doors 1 Fixed

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Bill Wimberley
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Double Doors 1 Fixed
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Larry Maynard asks via email:

How can I show, in plan view, double doors with one of the doors fixed closed.

The easiest way is to insert a double door like the one you want to make one side fixed. Then edit the door and select Add Product Code. Give your new door a name such as 2-2'-6'' FR FXL for a double 2'-6" French door with the left side fixed.

Go to File-->System Options--> System Library and find the Opening you just created. Select Edit Symbol. Select Edit Individual Component. For the Operate setting you should see LR meaning that the Left and Right sides are operable. Change the appropriate side to N for None. In this case since we want a Fixed Left we would change the L to N. Select OK until the dialogs are closed.

Erase the original opening you placed in the drawing and close and then reopen the drawing. Place your new opening as usual.

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