Door Sills & Door Height

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Door Sills & Door Height
SoftPlan Version:
2016 Plus

Is there a way to have Softplan automatically raise an exterior mandoor up when I add a Sill.

I have always found when I go to the door in question and select Edit>Display>Sill that I then

have to go back to Plan>Offset> and then offset up either to the bottom of the door or the top

of the door for the door to be placed correctly including the Sill.  I would think that when I tell

Softplan to add a Sill it would automatically know to raise the door to account for the

thickness of that Sill.   Is there some default setting that would allow me to specify the Sill

thickness and have Softplan raise the door automatically ?



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A sill for Softplan is not a

A sill for Softplan is not a door sill (usually aluminum for exterior doors) as you see it. The sill for Softplan is an exterior sill such as a brick or precast sill which doesn't affect the rough opening. You need to have a category of doors for exterior doors that are already programmed with the correct height.'s picture

Ahhh, Yvon, now I understand why Softplan doesn't automatically move the door up.  

I hadn't considered the program seeing the sill like a brick or precast sill !

Thanks for your input !