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Door Sill
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2014 Plus

Why is it when you add a door sill Softplan  does not automatically push the door up to

compensate but rather you have to go and adjust the new height of the door manually,

i.e. Bottom of Wall to Top Of Door setting ?

Seems to me that 98% of the time if you are adding a Sill then the door will need to be

raised to compensate, so I would think it should happen automatically !   Or is there a

way to set it up so it is automatic ?



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Door sillls

Hi Jim

I think that it's because for Softplan, the sill is not really an integrated sill that can come with or without the door. The sills are the precast sill, brick, etc... that's why it doesn't calculate it because not really part of the rso.'s picture
Hi Yvon, I understand what

Hi Yvon, I understand what you are saying but since adding a Sill is an option

in the Door Menu you'd think they' have figured out how to automatically stack

the two to account for the change ?


It's not a huge deal but just one of those things that every time I have to make the

adjustments in the menu I can't help but think it should happen automatically :-)