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david ayers
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Display Print Pen Style

 Drawing Level / Mode Visibilities (or just Options from the top) / pick any mode, each has a "Display Print Pen Style" option box. Anyone know what it does? Checked or unchecked, I've been unable to discern any difference. Have found no mention of it in Help. Thanks.

David Ayers

Bill Wimberley
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Display Print Pen Style

Display Pen Print Style works in conjunction with Layer settings. If an item is on a layer and that layer is set to use a certain pen then the layer setting will override the object setting. So for you to see any difference you must assure that the layer that the object is on is set to the desired pen.

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Display Print Pen Style

It tells Softplan to show the differences in Pen Weights on your drawing, otherwise they all just show the same Pen Weight ( width ).


For instance I like to set certain items like the perimeter lines of a house using a heavier Pen Weight for my saved Elevation drawings.  

So I have setup some Layers to have a pre-set Pen Weight ( pre-set in System or Drawing options ).  If I don't check off the Display 

Print Pen Style box then my drawing won't show the heavier line weight onscreen.  But if I check off that box then I can see that the

perimeter lines are done in a heavier weight.  If a heavier weight has been set for lines they print out heavier regardless of whether 

you show the  heavier lines by checking the Display Print Pen Style ( which is just an onscreen setting ).



david ayers
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Excellent as always,

Excellent as always, gentlemen. Thank you.