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Dimensions & Zoom

I just purchased SoftPlan 2012 three weeks ago. After 20 plus years of using AutoCAD it's taking me a while to get used to the dimensioning and zoom commands. Every time I adjust a wall or opening it seems to affect the overall dimension so I have to redo back and forth the walls, etc. Is there a way to lock or prevent this from happening? Also, the zoom sensitivity in 3D seems very difficult to control. Even though I change the mouse settings to slow down the wheel it still hyper fast. Any tips or tricks will be highly appreciated. 


New guy on the block.

Bill Wimberley
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Hello Hector,

Hello Hector,

Adjusting items in SoftPlan is different than in AutoCAD. In SoftPlan you can move objects by using a variety of different methods.

I created a tutorial https://softplantuts.com/tutorials/moving-objects-exact-distance that will give you a good start on moving objects in SoftPlan. Try out the methods described there and if you still have difficulties let me know.

For your 3D movement try using the arrow keys.

  • Up arrow: Move Forward
  • Down arrow: Move Back
  • Left Arrow: Rotate the camera left
  • Right Arrow: Rotate the camera right
  • Shift+Left arrow: Slide Left
  • Shift+Right arow: Slide Right
  • Shift+Up arrow: Move the camera up
  • Shift+Down arrow: Move the camera down
  • Ctrl+Up arrow: Tilt the camera up
  • Ctrl+Down arrow: Tilt the camera down
  • Alt+arrow: move fast

There is also a tutorial https://softplantuts.com/tutorials/quickly-move-room-room-3d that discusses other methods of moving around in 3D.

If you have any other questions please feel free to ask. SoftPlan is a great program but it is different than AutoCAD. Once you learn your way around in it you will never want to go back.




Bill is the owner and maintainer of SoftPlanTuts.com

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Dimensions and Zoom

Hi Bill,

Thanks for the info, I'll start ASAP to see how I get used to the new system.



david ayers
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New Guy,

New Guy,

     I suppose it's been about six months since you went SP. What are your thoughts as to comparison with autocad? Just curious. Thanks.

David Ayers