Dimensioning bay area walls

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Bill M
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Dimensioning bay area walls
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I have always fought this.  In the attached image I have the left angled wall (anchored) and the straight wall that won't allow to be changed without changing the side wall dimensions to 1/32" dimensions.  I have it correct on the slab but for some reason it will not simply change one or two dimensions in this drawing.  Any tips on this would be appreciated.



Bill Wimberley
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A lot of times what happens in that particular situation is that the dimension extension in the area near the shower wall becomes affected by the shower wall. Even though you pull the extension off the siding wall the extension can move because of the shower wall. What I do is temporarily adjust the shower wall away so it doesn't touch the back wall. Then delete the extension and run it again. Then adjust all the dimensions. And finally adjust the shower wall back.

Also, sometimes you can't help but getting small fractions because that is what the dimension turns out to be. You can edit the dimensions and set a rounding factor if you want.


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Bill M
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I'll give that a try Bill.  I

I'll give that a try Bill.  I do know that that particular wall in the bath does get in the way.  I got that side settled and now the problem is the other side.  I had never noticed the rounding box.  Amazing what gets overlooked, thanks again.