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Dimension Format
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2014 Plus

Whenever one is doing a Site Plan Multi or bringing a Site Plan into a Plan Set, do both the

Site Plan drawing and the Title Block ( or Base Drawing ) both have to be set to the

same call out format i.e. to IMperial or Metric as the case may be ?   


Here in Ontario although we still work in Imperial Measure for the Con Docs we most often

are asked to provide the Site Plans in Metric Measure.   So should I be setting both the Site

Plan and Title Block to Metric or does just the Site Plan suffice ?




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Dimension format

Hi Jim

I haven't gone to deep yet in plan sets but if you don't set your title page to metric, your scale if using the @scale on the title page will show up in imperial instead of metric.

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Dimension Format

Ahh, I hadn't even thought about how the stamps would be affected, good info !


Thanks Yvon !