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SoftPlan Version:

I'm new to SoftPlan (mostly Revit and AutoCad exp), so pardon if this is a stupid question:

How do you create custom 2D construction details in Softplan - what's the workflow? For example, if I want to reference part of a cross/wall section to show in detail, how is that done? Are detail callouts available? if so, how are they coordinated with the drawings?

What's the best way to draft a one-off custom detail and can any info in the model be leveraged get the detail started? 

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Seriously?! No one has an

Seriously?! No one has an answer to the question whether a detail can be cross-referenced to a specific drawing?

If I have a sheet full of enlarged details, how would anyone looking at them know what they relate to other than the title? How would someone looking at a cross section, for example, know that there is detail with more information on another sheet? 

Is this possible in SoftPlan?

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I don't personally do enlarged areas for detailing. I do specific details and I manually draw them. For me it is faster to do the detail than to make sure that the model exactly represents what is being built including nails and screws. Being a long time autocad user I still use it for drawing those types of details as well. You can do it in Softplan- I am just faster with autocad plus their 2D tools are much more robust than the little bit softplan offers. I also use my own detail bubbles and manually edit the information. I hope softplan can someday give us the auto-completed bubbles but I'm not holding my breath. There are other programs out there that do it and it is very convenient. Does this help in any way or am I missing your point?

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Irish2, thanks for your

Irish2, thanks for your response. Yes, you did answer my question. It would be nice to be able to place a callout that can reference a detail so any changes to detail/sheet numbering remain coordinated. 

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Detail bubbles

I absolutely agree. Remember that the best thing all of us can do is to send in a request to Softplan for what we want. The more people ask for it the higher priority it becomes and, hopefully, the sooner we will see it!

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Interior Elevations

Version 2014 added Interior Elevations. Interior Elevations are similar to Cross Sections but with some differences. Interior Elevations automatically stop at the walls, floor, and ceiling of the room where they are inserted, although you can adjust them to be wider or shorter. Interior Elevations place a marker on the page and also create a window, similar to the window created by exterior elevations, that you can save to create a detail drawing. When either this Interior Elevation window or the drawing that is generated from it is inserted into a plan set page the marker on the original drawing updates to show the location of the detail. And the marker on the Interior Elevation or the generated drawing created from the Interior Elevation will update to show the source page. Additionally, the generated Interior Elevation can be edited to add more information, notes, or whatever and the link between the markers will remain.

If you are using an earlier version than 2014 you can use marker symbols but they do not have the automatic link between markers.

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Something new I learned that

Something new I learned that will be helpful.  Thanks for the link Bill.