Deleting Softplan + folders

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Ryon Wilson
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Deleting Softplan + folders
SoftPlan Version:
2018 Plus

I am trying to go through many of the libraries in SoftPlan and clean/organize/customize them for more efficient use by our company. The issue I am running into, particularly in symbols is libraries that have softplan+ folders in them do not want to move from the main symbols window no matter what I do. I have tried to move them, delete them directly from my C drive as well as in the system library in SoftPlan. I am trying to get two folders to show when I go to the symbols menu, "GHD" (our company initials) that will contain everything we use on a daily basis and "SoftPlan" which is just the existing SoftPlan folder in case we come across something we may need to dig out of there on occasion. I can successfully "delete" the extra folders that are showing up from my C drive and all that remains are the two folders I do want. However, when I go to the symbols menu in SoftPlan after I delete them from my C drive the extra folders are still there. On top of all that they are just copies that are showing up, as they already exist in the SoftPlan folder in the symbols menu.


If there is any one out there that has come across this and can help it would be very much appreciated!

Bill Wimberley
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I would just rename the GHD

I would just rename the GHD folder 1-GHD so that it is always at the top of the list and don't worry about trying to delete all the other folders. SoftPaln+ is specifically designed to replace missing symbols and folders as well as add in new content as it becomes available. You are attempting to go against how the program is designed.

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Ryon Wilson
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Yea that was the same

Yea that was the same conclusion I came to. Thanks!