Deck Railing

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Deck Railing
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2014 Plus

Can someone explain how to draw a cantilevered picket deck railing and the same for the deck stairs. ( Maybe a step by step how to if possibel ).


See sketch below;


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Deck Railing

This is how I did mine.

Create a 42" spindle with beveled ends:

* Draw using Solid Polygon with short side of bevels to the left.  Adjust height to 1.5".

* Go to System Library.  Change Type to Lathe and select Spindles.

* Select One Step, draw box around spindle and give it a name.

Create Railing Definition

* While still in System Library, change Type to Railing Definitions and select Deck Railing.

* Select One Step and give your railing a name.  I called mine "2x4 over 2x6".

*Configure window will pop up.

* First tab is the Rails Tab*  The handrail will be the top cap.

Handrail Height = 3'

Handrail Width = 3.5"

Handrail Depth = 1.5"

Spindle Offset = 0"

Handrail Position = Centered

Tick Toerail Checkbox.  (This will be the 2x6 rail)

Toerail Height = 2' 5" (This is the measurement from the bottom of toerail to the deck surface  36" minus 1.5" for cap minus 5.5" for toerail equals 2' 5")

Toerail Width = 1.5"

Toerail Depth = 5.5"

Toerail Position = Inside

Tick Deck Railing Checkbox.

Change Handrail and Toerail finish to Deck Railing Finish (or what ever you want it to default to)

*Go to Spindles Tab*

Tick Spindles Checkbox

Tick Spindle Height and set to 3'6"

Set Spindle Spacing as desired.

Spindle Facing = Outside

Click on Spindle Name and select the 42" spindle you created earlier.

Set Spindle Finish as desired.

*Go to End Post Tab*

Select the post finishes as desired.

Style (both top & bottom) = Flat

Size (both top & bottom) = 1.5"

*Select OK and your done.

Railing will be available in your deck railing selection.

Draw as you would any railing.

You will need to set the Plan Position after you draw your railing to "negative .75"

You can create other configurations for the top cap and the rail just remember to adjust the toerail height accordingly.

You have to manually draw the railing on the stairs.  That is you cannot just click the railing box in the stair edit window.'s picture
Deck Railing

JimJ, thank-you very much for the detailed instructions.   I will try this out tonight.   I wouldn't have thought

about offsetting the Toerail up to act as the Intermediate Rail.  I guess I pigeon hole myself by not thinking

beyond what the name implies :-)


Thanks again, much appreciated