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Deck Joist
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2014 Plus

I have some decks on a drawing which I wanted to show faded.   They were originally on the Default Layer so I didn't

want to use the Fade Box in the Layer Menu as that would Fade everything that was on the Default Layer.   I have a 

Layer setup with a very light Pen Weight and figured I'd just use that.  However when I switch the Decks to that Layer

the Deck Joist become visible.


I don't want the joist visible so I went into the Visible Items menu to make sure Deck Joist were turned off.  They were

off.  I double checked while I had the Default as the active Layer and also when I had my light weight pen layer as the

active layer.  In both cases the Deck Joist were unchecked but yet the joist continue to show.    I can get rid of the 

joist by switching the decks back to the default layer but that does not help me.   Any ideas ?


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Deck Joist

I just had a thought after typing the message above.  I wondered if I left the decks on the Default Layer so the 

deck joist don't show and then placed the decks on a Building Option, turned on that Building Option and also

checked the Fade Box in the Building Options menu if that would work, and voila it does.   The decks are faded

and the joist don't show.  While that is one work around I wonder if there is another way without having to

employ Bldg Options ?



Bill Wimberley
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Layers override visibility settings

Layers override the visibility settings. You do not have the option to assign layers to individual components of a deck so if you assign a layer to the deck the layer takes over the display of the entire deck and all components. If you wish to display just certain components of the deck you need to do that by leaving the deck on the Default layer. Then control the visibility of the components in Options Tab⇒Visible Items. Select the Decks group and adjust the visibility of the various components from the list on the right.

You can control the pens for the various deck components by going to Drawing Options⇒​Pen Setup. Select the Item Group Decks and adjust the pens as needed.

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