Deck Guards ( Railings )

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Deck Guards ( Railings )
SoftPlan Version:
2016 Plus

I find more often than not either my handrail, toerail or both do not follow the angle of deck stairs.


Doesn't seem to matter whether I draw the guards individually or use the auto-rail command I 

seem to always end up with what is shown in the attached picture.   If you look at the toerail in 

particular you see at the top end of a flight the toerail is almost sitting ontop of the tread nose,

but by the time you get to the bottom of the flight the toerail and handrail are diving downwards

so the toerail is well into the middle of the tread.


Is there some sequence of drawing or editing trick to get around this issue ?



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Unfortunately, their still require more work from Softplan in regard to stairs and railings. I always have to adjust my post locations for things to line up but can't get everything to work as it should. Hopefully, Softplan 2018!