Cutting Decks

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Cutting Decks
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2016 Plus

I have an existing wrap around deck on an existing drawing that is being extended along one wall.

So I just adjusted the deck along the affected wall.   Then I thought to differentiate between the

existing part and new extension I would fade the pen settings for teh exisdting part thereby highlighting

the new portion.  So I set about to try to cut the deck straight across front to back to make it into two

pieces.  Block Cut won't cut the deck symbol, Break or Insert Break don't seem to cut straight across 

the deck.  I know I can quite simply make two decks butt together, but I just wonder if there is not a 

way to just cut across the deck in the above scenario ?

Bill Wimberley
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Cutting Decks

There doesn't appear to be any way to cut a deck in half.

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Cut Deck

Thanks Bill, I thought I might be missing something !