Custom color for wall definitions

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Custom color for wall definitions
SoftPlan Version:
2014 Plus

I am unable to make a wall a custom color in the softplan wall definition dialog box. Once closed it resets to the default.

Bill Wimberley
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Wall Color

Hello Jonva.

I'm not quite sure what you are talking about. Are you referring to the Inside Color, Outside Color, and Texture Color for a wall definition? If so then perhaps you are defining them in one location but looking in another.

Wall definitions can be modified in two different locations. There is the System Options wall definitions and the Drawing Options wall definitions.

System Options is where you define your walls for any new drawings you start. When you create a new drawing it pulls all the settings and definitions from the System Options. The System Options are the defaults for new drawings.

Once a drawing has been created making any changes to the System Options do not affect any existing drawings. If you want to make changes to an existing drawing you must make those changes in the Drawing Options for that drawing.

System Options affect any new drawings you create. Drawing Options only affect the current drawing.

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