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Custom Windows
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2014 Plus

I rarely try to make custom windows but on each occasion that I do I always struggle with it.  Today I am trying

to make some camber top ( curved top ) windows for a gable end of a room with cathedral ceilings.  There is 4

windows that make up the set. I have a few questions;


1) Is the proper line offsets for the window frame 1-1/2" then 1" then 1/4" ?

2) I seem to recall that the inner line is to be dashed to create the glass transparency, correct ?

3) I think I create a Solid Polygon for each of the three sets of lines, correct ?

4) Do I give each of those Solid Polygons a height including the dashed line - I assume the height matches the wall thickness ?

5) Do I have to add the grilles during the initial creation of the 3D windows or does Softplan know enough that I can just add

    the grilles in the Window Edit menu later ?


I apperciate your advice.





Bill Wimberley
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Custom Windows

Jim, this tutorial should answer your questions. Custom Windows

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