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Kimberly Rippentrop
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Custom Exterior Trim
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I'm trying to create a Craftsman style home with certain exterior details. I've used Openings to get my curved trim board but can't figure out how to get the vertical boards to rotate sideways to create a "V" vs them just spinning around the Y axis when I select rotate. I looked for a tutorial but didn't see one. Any suggestions? Or did I miss the tutorial?

Bill Wimberley
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Couple suggestions. You might use the methods discussed in this Forum thread

Or you might try using beams for the curvy part. A Beam can be edited and given a "Vertical Curve". The upright center could be a Solid Cube. The diagonals could also be beams with the left and right ends set at different heights. And the portions going back to the wall could be corbel symbols.


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Bill M
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Kimberly the thread Bill has

Kimberly the thread Bill has referenced helped my creating of trusses. I have used it over and over with great success.