Custom Door elevation showing the 'hinge' on the glazing only

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Custom Door elevation showing the 'hinge' on the glazing only
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I'm trying to create a new door for a project I'm working on. However the elevation view of the door has the 'hinge' shown as if the window opens, not the the door.  Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong?  Thanks in advance.


Image 1 is the new/incorrect one

image 2 is an older door that works correctly

Binary Data wierddoor.spd23.84 KB

- Cory

Bill Wimberley
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Elevation Opening

The correct Elevation Opening is made up of two Opening Shapes...a "Door" shape and a "Door Glazing Square". As a result SoftPlan recognizes this as a door. The new Elevation Opening is made from a "Casement" opening shape which has been edited to make it appear as if it were a door. SoftPlan recognizes it as a window instead of a door. If you will place both elevation openings side by side and explode them you can see the differences in how they are created.

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Thanks Bill. I was able to

Thanks Bill. I was able to make it work by just editing the orginal opening and saving it with a new name.  However, the 'new' one was created using the Detail > Opening Shapes > Door method.  I did create a casement opening side by side and they seem to be exactly the same.