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Custom 3D Symbols
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I don't often try to make a Custom 3D Symbol but every once in a while I give it a go and of course I usually can't remember the sequence off the top so end up looking for directions on the process, which I have of course written down somewhere but can never remember where  "man this getting older stuff does have it's issues ;-)"


Anyway, one of the first places I run into problems ( almost every time ) is in making the Solid Polygon.   For some reason as I am clicking around the various lines to form the solid polygon when I click the final line and right click to end the process I end up having lines going askew, running in wrong directions or disappearing and it doesn't create the polygon ?


So what I am wondering is if there is a "best practices" or "foolproof way" to creating the solid polygons.   More often than not what I am trying to create is a decorative timber gable truss.  I beleive these have to be created by breaking each part of the gable truss down into seperate pieces that can be closed seperately and then assembled ( so to speak ) so that the sum of the parts make up the whole. 


I also think I make the solid polygon before swtching to Softview to save.


Any suggestions on creating the solid polygon and in fact the whole process of creating the 2D & 3D models.




Bill Wimberley
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Solid Polygon

Jim, what I do is to draw the entire object using lines first. Make sure everything is clean and that all the endponts meet up. Use Fillet and Snaps to make sure there are no gaps. Then just trace over everything using 3D Solid Polygons. Then edit each polygon and give it a height and if necessary an offset. From there you go to SoftView and export the 3D model to someplace easy to find such as your desktop. Then use the Symbol Wizard to create the 3D symbol. You can check out the tutorial Part 3 Creating Symbol SoftPlan to see how to use the Symbol Wizard.

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