Curved Wall Problems

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Curved Wall Problems
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I'm having a few issues with a new project that has curved walls. There are 4 curved (90 degree sweep) sections. I made sure that all curved sections dimension correctly (tangency is met). FYI: I used the circle/line function and convert shape to wall.

Some of the issues I'm finding are:

1. The "area" function does not work. In either manual trace or automatic.

2. The "generate building outline" does not work.


I haven't tried creating the floor system yet....


Has anyone else seen these issues? Any work arounds?




V8 - 2014

Bill Wimberley
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Curved Wall Problems

Hey Jim. There are some problems with curved walls. Try this and see if you get any better results.

When creating your round room try using 2 arcs rather than a circle. This will give you 2 walls to deal with rather than 4.

When drawing your area use the Manual Trace and draw the Area in the shape of a triangle. Then adjust each of the 3 control circles created to the edges of the walls.

When I tried this with the 2 half circle walls I was able to generate a building outline but it did not create a joined polygon. After generating the building outline select Edit⇒Block Form Polygon(s) and draw a box around the building outline to turn it into a building outline polygon.

You could also manually create a round building outline by drawing a circle the correct size then selecting Tools⇒Convert Shape to Site Line. Select the circle. It will disappear from Drawing Mode and appear in Site Mode. Edit the 4 arcs created and turn off Arc Chord. Use Block Form Polygon(s) to create the building outline polygon.

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