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Matthew Perry
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Cross Sections


I'm attempting to create sections lines for the first time in Softplan.  

A continuous cross section lines works fine for me.

The problem is when I try to "segment" a cross section to exclude certain rooms in the drawing.

I  select the "Section Poly Line" tool under "Model".


The instructions in the manual at the top of p.525 give 4 steps. 

I've tried this many times but it always assigns another cross section letter to my second section / segment.

Could anyone please give a more detailed description of the steps involved to using the section poly line to create a segmented cross section line?


I greatly appreciate all the help this site provides!





Bill Wimberley
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Section Polyline

Matt, the Section Polyline is really simple once you get the hang of it.

  1. Start out by selecting the Section Polyline command from the Model Tab.
  2. Left Click to start your polyline.
  3. Draw out your first section.
  4. Left Click to finish the first section line.
  5. Move your cursor and watch the arrows. When the arrows are pointing in the direction you want to see in the cross section Left Click to set the direction.
  6. Continue drawing Section Polyline segments around objects to either include or exclude them from in the Cross Section.
  7. After you have drawn the last section Right Click to finish drawing the Polyline.

Once the Section Polyline is drawn you will see a letter attached to each end of the section line. Look in the Navigation Panel and find that letter under Cross Sections-->Views. Double Click on the letter and a dialog box will open. Indicate whether or not you want to show the background in the cross section and then select OK. Your Cross Section will be generated.

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Matthew Perry
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Thanks Bill!

Thanks Bill!

Now, I'm having trouble deleting old cross section lines I don't want.

I tried using "Erase" and "Edit" and right clicking on the cross section letter in the browser area on the luck.

I tried "block erase" but could not select only the section cut line.

I can't undo because I saved the unwanted section lines ):

Thanks again.


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Matt - You have to right

Matt - You have to right click on the section line to erase it, not the letter or arrow.

- Cory