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Creating railings
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2016 Plus

Always found that we're very limited in the creation of railings with square shapes. The lathe tool allows you to start with a square shape but anything you remove is circular. Using profiles to create the lathe gives you the shapes on 2 opposite sides but not the others. We can create a post with a base as shown but can't incorporate it in a railing because it only uses lathes for posts and spindles.

Tech support taught that they could create the post and metal spindles I was trying to create in a railing but found out that they couldn't. Anybody find any ways around this?

Also, even if we can now incorporate different style of spindles in a railing, you can only set one size. This means that in a case of metal spindles where you have one plain spindle for one spindle with a pattern (single or double as shown), the size of the spindle with the pattern will actually be the size of the pattern making the actual spindle smaller than the plain one.

Bill Wimberley
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I believe what you are wanting is beyond the capabilities of SoftPlan's railings. If you needed something like that for 3D you would need to create it in another program such as Sketchup.

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