Creating Wall Material

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Corsair 42
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Creating Wall Material
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Anyone know or able to direct me to information on how to create material for wall design. I understand how to build walls but am unable to create my own material. Starting to draw a log home, need to create logs of different styles ( size & shape etc). Any advice is greatly appreciated.  


Bill Wimberley
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Wall Materials

You can not create new wall materials. However, there are already 3 log materials. If for some reason you need more, for instance you are building a log house that uses 4 or more species of logs and you need to differentiate them all in 3D and/or SoftList, you could simply use some other material. The names of the materials don't mean anything and have no special properties. SoftView uses them to assign default textures.

Take a look at the existing log walls that come with SoftPlan. While editing them scroll all the way over to the right. You will notice a column named "Profile". This is where you define the different log sizes and shapes. If you need more sizes and shapes than those defined by the profiles SoftPlan provides you could always make your own custom profiles.

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Corsair 42
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Wall Material creation

Thank you. This should work for what I am attempting to create.