Creating PDF Drawing from Plan Sets

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Creating PDF Drawing from Plan Sets
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Hi All,

New SP user here, so will probably be posting lots of questions as I learn SP. Ive got my first design about complete, and have created a foundation plan in Plan Sets that I want to send out to bid, but I cant figure out how to save it as a .PDF.  The book that came with SP says to go to file - Re view. I dont have re-view though, or at least its not showing up in the file menu. Any ideas here?


Also, before i start another thread; I am thinking about using AutoCAD to draw my details and then import them into SP. Does anybody else prefer this method for doing CAD drafting? The reason being, is I am proficient with AutoCAD and i seem to be drawing these things at a snails pace.  The standard details dont work very good for my applications and lots of changes need to be done to get them right.'s picture

If you don;t have Review then you will have to use a Third Party Program.  There are several free ones that work well.   I use Cute PDF which is a popular one. Some use PDF995 and there are others.    With these programs you don't have a "Save As" command you actually go to "Print" and select the program you are using ( in my case Cute PDF ) and print the drawing.  But what you are actually doing is printing to a file.  At this point you save it in whichever location you want to.  In my file structure I keep all PDF's in there own file folder within each project.



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You don't have to import your

You don't have to import your CAD details into softplan for now. Just have separate detail sheets that are done solely in AutoCad, print them off and then add them to your completed printed plan sets. 

Bill Wimberley
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Drafting in SoftPlan

It's hard switching from one program to another. You look for the tool you always used before and it is not there or it is called something else. But doing your details in SoftPlan can be quick and easy with a little practice.

One of the best things you can do to increase speed is to use keyboard shortcuts. For instance to draw a line just type "L" and start drawing. Or to offset a line just type "O" or for Fillet type "F". I have just about every command I use all the time mapped to a keyboard shortcut. It makes a huge difference in productivity. For a list of your current keyboard shortcuts type Ctrl+/. If you want to map your own shortcuts you can do so at System Options--> Keyboard Shortcuts.

I would encourage you to do all your details in SoftPlan. As you become more proficient doing your detail work you also become faster at drawing your plans. Learn to use dimensions, keyboard shortcut "D", and the Between command, keyboard shortcut "B", to set the distance between objects rather than trying to move them with the mouse. Use Snaps and Cursor Lock to aid in your drawing too. I have Snaps and Cursor Lock mapped to my side buttons on my mouse so I can easily toggle them without having to look for them.

With a little practice you'll be a SoftPlan wiz in no time.

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