Creating Custom Doors

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Creating Custom Doors
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2016 Plus

I'm trying to create a door like door 2 in the image below. How do you get the interior trim to pop out? Mine only comes up with lines even if I use a solid. Also is there a way to create the trim above the door to replicate what is in the second picture?

Bill Wimberley
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3D Models

For the door you will need a 3D model in the shape of the door and linked to the Elevation Opening for that door. You can create the 3D model yourself in a program such as Sketchup or perhaps the door manufacturer has one available for download. Once you have the 3D model you edit the Elevation Opening in System Library and link the 3D model to it. You may have to do the same in the Drawing Library if you have already inserted the openings in the drawing.

For the trim above the door you can add a "pediment" to the trim by editing the trim and select "Custom interior trim". Place a check next to Pediment and select Traditional 01. If this does not get you exactly what you want then you will need to create a 3D model for the pediment.

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3D door styles

Also, since you have Softplan2016+, look in the Softplan+\TruStile\Panel Doors and you have some 3D door panels that look similar to what you're looking for. You can link one of these as explained by Bill if it matches your criterias.

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Awesome! There were a couple

Awesome! There were a couple in there that were close to enough.



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Library path

Hi Yvon,


What is the exact path to the 3d door panels? I looked in the "SoftPlan/3D/3D Symbols/SoftPlan+"  but didn't see any TruStile doors. Thanks,

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This is what I got; C:\SoftPlan2016\3D\3D Symbols\SoftPlan+\TruStile\Panel Doors

If you don't see it, do a search for a "TS3300" and that should find the folder. As long as you downloaded the additional content for the Softplan+ symbols.