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Create Framed Hole
SoftPlan Version:
2016 Plus

When Edit the interior stairs and go to "Headroom Clearance" then click on the "Create Framed Hole" command for creating

the hole in the main floor joist to provide for stair and headroom clearance no hole gets cut in the floor ?   I've tried it when

the active drawing and stairs are on the Main Floor and also when the active drawing and stairs are at the basement level.  

I've even tried to use the command while in Floor System Mode and none of these do anything ?   The stairs have not been

exploded.   Is there some step I am missing or ....... ?



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Stair headroom

I haven't used it before but if I do a test with a straight stair, go on the lower level and click "Create Framed Hole", it works.
Do you have the stair the proper height and offset, meaning attaching to the top or bottom properly?

Maybe if you have the stair on the lower and upper level, it causes a conflict. Do you have a headroom height programmed?