Copying Projects Over To New Folder

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Copying Projects Over To New Folder
SoftPlan Version:
2016 Plus

I have a new project pending ( a 1-1/2 storey garage ).

Rather than start from scratch I have other older projects with similar buildings that I would like

to use as the base for altering to suit the new project.

My question is about the proper way to copy over an existing client folder to a new client folder

for this use.

I really only need the SPD files for the new project, but I'm never sure if I copy the entire SPD

folder over if it is somehow connected to the Softplan Plus Cloud ?  Or should I just be opening

that folder and copying the contents into the new folder.

Is there a proper protocol for this that ensures I won't be updating the cloud on the old project

by reusing it for the new ?


Bill Wimberley
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Copying Projects

If using version 2014 use the steps shown in the tutorial 2014+ COPYING PROJECTS PROBLEM AND TEMPORARY WORKAROUND

If using version 2016 use File⇒Save⇒Copy Project to...

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Copy Project

Thanks Bill, much appreciated !