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Consistent Window Trim
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Hey guys,

I was just wondering if anybody knew a way to set a default trim width for elevation openings.  When I click "add exterior trim" to a window symbol it is always 8" wide on the top and 0" everywhere else, so I have to edit it to be 3.5" all the way around.  And then repeat edit for all other windows.  It's set up fine for adding trim to actual openings in the model, its just elevations.


Bill Wimberley
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Default Trim

You can set default interior and exterior trim styles in version 2014 but unfortunately not in version 14.

In version 14 your best bet is to change the trim on one opening and then Repeat Edit the other openings. It would probably be best to do this on the floor plan before creating your elevations because in some cases the elevation openings are converted to symbols on elevations and you can not edit the trims.

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You set it in either system or drawing options; material dimensions; opening trim options. Set it in system options before you start a new drawing or in drawing options if you've already started. 

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Sorry for the confusion.  I actually have Softplan 2014, I don't know why I clicked 14.  I have tried the system/drawing options, but that seems to just set a trim for actual openings, not elevation symbols.  No worries, though.  Repeat edit works well enough, its just this current project where I have so many elevations to generate that it would be helpful to set.  Thanks guys!      

Steve Haarmann
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I have created a "template"

I have created a "template" drawing that contains most of the items I would like to draw on an elevation.

Included on this sheet are several 3/0 x 5/0 windows (elevation view) with different trim combinations.

When preparing finished elevations I open this template drawing, select "cope to clipboard" and then "paste from clipboard" on the elevation I wash to complete.

I can copy or move notes, symbols as I need them.

If the window on your elevation does not have trim you can edit it and select trim but it will put the 8" top trim.

Use the "duplicate" command and select the trim on one of your template elevation windows and then click on the 8" top trim.

Bingo ... instant trim just like you want it.

It is a fast and easy way to finish elevations.