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Configure Symbol Wizard

When creating a symbol to SP I get to a page where Elevations, Softlist, Options, Always Face, Extract In & Set Default Layer are listed. I understand what the majority of things mean but I'd like to know what impact two of the options will have on the symbol.

Anchor at Center

If this is selected, what will be the impact on the symbol in the drawing? Does it keep it from moving or is it more of an insertion point? Is it possible to cut this option off at a later time if you select in in the symbol creation?

Use 3D Symbol Dimensions

How does selecting this differ in any fashion from the dimensions that come up earlier in the symbol creation process?


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Bill Wimberley
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Symbol settings

Anchor at Center moves the insertion point from the edge of the symbol to the center. This is useful for cases such as ceiling fans where you would want the insertion point to be the center rather than an edge next to a wall. It is possible to change this behavior by inserting the symbol into the drawing then in the Drawing Library check or uncheck the option. Subsequent insertions in the same drawing will then use the new definition.

Use 3D Symbol Dimensions allows you to have the 2D and 3D symbols be different sizes. An example of this would be a light switch. The 2D symbol is an "S" which extends out approximately 10" from the face of the wall. But the 3D symbol would only extend about 3/4" off the wall. So selecting Use 3D Symbol Dimensions prevents the 3D symbol from adjusting to be the same size as the 2D symbol.

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