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2018 Plus

I am trying to rename electrical symbols. I have been creating and rename opening symbols for the past 3 days. I just started trying to create a new folder with electrical symbols. This error message keeps coming up. This didn't occur when I renamed/copied opening symbols. 


On the C drive- Softplan- Electrical ...I created a new folder with our company name. Copied the electrical symbols into the new folder. Then went into SoftPlan program to start manipulating the symbols. I attached the error that keeps coming up. 


This problem didn't occur with window openings. 


Thanks in advance for the help!

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Figured out the problem!

When renaming symbols, certain keyboard characters can't be used.../?"* can't be used in the label

Bill Wimberley
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Illegal characters

Yes, that is a restriction imposed by Windows, not SoftPlan. Some characters are not allowed in file or folder names.

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