Concrete piers and footings

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Barbara Fleming
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Concrete piers and footings
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Hello all,

I am designing a pool shed accessory building (in Southern Ontario) which will be sitting on concrete piers with footings.

I am unclear on the how the pier diam relates to the footing projections and footing depth.

All input ....greatly appreciated.





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What pier sizing did you come

What pier sizing did you come up with that is required? BigFoots could be used that bell out to your required footing size as an alternative.

Basically if "P" = the distance from the edge of the pier/wall to edge of pad

            and "T"= footing/pad Depth (min.4")

Then T must be greater or equal to P

you typically would be good if the width is double pad depth. so a 24"x24" pad under ideal conditions would be good with 12" pad depth.



Why not put this structure on a concrete pad? Sounds like its not a very large structure.

Barbara Fleming
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concrete piers and footings


Thank-you for your help and advise.

The floor plate of the shed is 20'x20', comprised of a front porch portion@ 8x20  and enclosed of 12x20.  The grading is also an the reason the contractor wanted to go this route.



Thks again

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Load Capacities

Barbara, in case you don't have it here is a link to the BigFoot Load

capacity tables that would apply in Canada.



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The Engineer is from Nova Scotia and the foot notes speak to the National Building Code. The National Building code is recognized in areas of Canada without a Code for their area. Having said that Codes such as the Ontario Building Code would take the National Building Code in reference when creating it. And in Ontario we would be looking for an Engineer Certified to practice in Ontario.'s picture
BIg Foot Seal

Hi Jason, I contacted BigFoot Company to see if they tables sealed by an Ontario based P.Eng. ?


Below is the response I received from them.



Hello Jim,


We don’t really have any issues with the load tables being stamped by a Nova Scotia based P.Eng. 

If any concerns do arise it is usually satisfied with our CCMC report. 

if you have any questions or problems using our product, please let me know.

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No Bigfoot doesn't have a

No Bigfoot doesn't have a problem...why would they.My point was just to be careful because different Municipalities/Cities Building Dept. will look at it different. They shouldn't because we should be standard, but we know it happens. The Ontario Building Code is just that. However Bigfoots are very common now so you probably wouldn't even need to give evidence of approval. My point was that in order to have your ducks in a row for the building dept. you should know that it really isn't an acceptable detail of proof, for Compliance with Code. The Governing body approving the permit would be held liable basing approval on an Engineered design, if there was failure, where the Engineer is not approved to practice in Ontario. Most certainly a CCMC is acceptable. Not trying to cause problems and be Just saying be careful. :)'s picture
Big Foots

Hi Jason,I appreciate the cautions, we are all concerned about potential liabilities and have to be careful in this day and age, that for sure !