Coffered Ceiling

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Bill Wimberley
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Coffered Ceiling

Jay Preeshl (JAYPREE) asks via private message...

What is the best way to draw in a Coffered Ceiling.
Ceiling to be drywall.
Beams to be wood with crown on both sides.
On my drawing everything  will be painted white.

How do you guys handle handle coffered ceilings?

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Coffered ceiling

For a ceiling Jay Preeshl is asking, simplest is to create the beams with a custom wall then adding in interior mode the crown moldings.


If the crowns are not required, what I had done in the pictures included is to draw my regular ceiling and then add a ceiling system in which I cut rectangular holes and set "Add drywall". In the 2nd image, I changed the finish of the lower ceiling to another finish than "surface copy/paste" for the sides. In that image, I added the crown in one square for example but takes a bit more work because you have to add it while in 3D and spinning around to attach the crown properly.