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The Cloud
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2014 Plus

If I have all my projects copy to the Softplan Cloud from my desktop, can I not access them remotely from my laptop if I don't already

have a copy of those projects on my laptop ?  


I thought with the Cloud part of the idea was you could access your project files from any computer anywhere as long as you had Softplan

2014 on the computer you are trying to connect from ( and your key plugged in of course ), almost like using something like Dropbox.


However if I logon with my laptop on the Softplan home page it only shows those projects that I might have worked on using my laptop

several months ago ?   Shouldn't the home page show me all my projects that have been saved to the cloud regardless of what computer

they originated from ?



Bill Wimberley
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Jim, assuming that your laptop has access to the internet and that you are using the same key on both computers then you should be able to see the projects that you uploaded from the other computer. If you are using a different key for each computer then you would need to share the project with the other key.

But there is a limit to how many projects will show up on the Start Page. I would suggest going into your Projects folder on the laptop and creating an Archived folder. Move all the old projects that you are no longer working on into the Archived folder. That way when you restart SoftPlan those projects will no longer show in the list of recently opened projects and perhaps that will make room for the current cloud projects to show up.

On my system once I have a project completed I remove the check box for uploading them and delete them from the cloud. Then I archive them by placing them in another folder. That way the only projects I see in the list are the ones I am currently working on, not older projects.

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Cloud Projects

Thanks Bill, at first some of the projects didn't show up on the

home page list but then they appeared but at the bottom of the

list even though they are newer projects.


Jim C

Bill Wimberley
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List order

The list order is determined by the order in which the project was last opened on the current computer. The most recently opened project is at the top of the list. The next most recently opened project will be next in the list. And so on. So even though a project may be at the top of the list on one computer it will not move to the top of the list on the other computer until you have actually opened the project on that computer.

Bill M
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Bill how do you delete them

Bill how do you delete them from the cloud?  I didn't realize this could be done but it would make sense to do so.

Bill Wimberley
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Delete from Cloud

Right click the name in the list and select "Delete from Cloud".