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Clear PDF's & Images
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2014 Plus

A client emailed me a Site Plan in PDF format.  I took a snapshot of it with Adobe Acrobat Reader and Windows Clipboard pasted

it into Softplan.   It comes out all fuzzy though, i.e. the lot line dimensions etc. are not able to be read.  So I printed it off and took

a digital photo of it and imported it figuring I'd resize as required but it is still pretty fuzzy.  The original emailed PDF is clear as a

bell.  Is there some way for me to get this into Softplan so that it is clear ?



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Hi Jim,

Hi Jim,

Have you tried the >File>Review>Import Portable Document Files command?

If you haven't purchased the Softplan Review add on I'm not sure that you would have this command.

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Clear PDF's

Robert, I just tried your suggestion and it worked like a charm, thanks very much for the suggestion.

You must John's son ?

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Further Question On PDF Site Plan

In the past when I imported a site plan I always traced over the plan and worked with Softplan lines instead

of the original image.   For this job I thought maybe I could just overlay the proposed boathouse directly ontop

of the Surveyors Plan.  However, I find I can't draw lines on the image I imported as the lines I presume want

to be beneath the image.   So I saved the boathouse footprint as a jpeg and imported that to lay ontop of the

Site Plan.   It comes in but the lines don't show well and I guess I would have to scale that separately to align

properly with the previously scaled Site Plan.   Is there an easy way to draw ontop of an image ?


Bill Wimberley
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Jim, what I typically do when I want to import a PDF that I can draw on is to open the PDF in Photoshop and remove the background. I then save as PNG format which allows for transparent portions of an image. This just leaves the lines and text visible while making the background transparent. Then you can draw on it and the image won't cover your lines.

If you don't have Photoshop or another image editing program that you can use to remove the background then attach your PDF and I'll email you back the PNG file.

Also, please see the Tutorial A BETTER IMAGE IMPORT which will give you a method of importing images at the best quality.

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Another option is to convert

Another option is to convert the pdf to a dwg/dxf file. You can then import into Softplan (AutoCad or Draftsight) check scale and adjust as required.

There are free online services to convert or if you require, software is available.

Hope this helps!