Changing Colour On Textures

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Changing Colour On Textures
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2014 Plus

Despite having used Softplan for quite some time I have not really done much with rendering or than visible line 3D.  So when it comes to textures and colours I always seem to struggle with amongst other things changing the colour of a texture i.e. on siding ?    Whenever I "Edit Surface" and go into the "Materials" area I can't seem to successfully change the colour of a texture, I always end up converting the texture into a solid colour ?

Can someone clarify the process of changing the colour of a texture ?




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It sounds like you may be

It sounds like you may be trying to do something that is not possible.


You can't change the color of a texture. So for example if you are using almond-horizontal as your siding texture you can not change it's color to green.

You would need to create a new texture in a paint program and use that instead.


Siding is a little unique because you can show the actual siding texture in 3d

Go to the wall definition and assign a profile to the wall siding and then you will be able to paint it with any color you choose.

In that case you would not paint it with a texture.


I do not use profiles myself.


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Jim,     I've had some luck

Jim,     I've had some luck with that by doing" use color" and then set the depth relief to "100"


could be a graphics card thing tho, maybe not.  Some items do a better depth than others, but siding seems to work fine.

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Yes Farwood is  right,

Yes Farwood is  right,

It will do that, although I only needed to set depth relief to 20.

Learn something new every day -Thanks

John Vanderwoerd
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Enable Depth Relief

Hi Jim


Make Sure that under Model Options - Textured(or Rendered) -Face Options, that you have the Enable Depth Relief Box checked.

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Siding may be better handled

Siding may be better handled with a profiled wall material and a color rather than a texture.   The profile is assigned to the siding in the wall definition.  The color is assigned in 3D.

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If I have a client hell bent

If I have a client hell bent on exact colors I use simulated bump mapping, its been discussed before.  Basically I've converted the siding sample .jpg to high contrast B/W now you've got the ability to use all 16.8m colors.  Works pretty decent with lap sidings & wood grain.