Ceiling Height/Elevation

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Ceiling Height/Elevation
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Hi Bill!

Is there a way to set a default elevation/height for the ceiling?

In a 10-ft room with an 8-ft exterior wall the ceiling is at 8-ft then I have to check the Offset Elevation box and change it to 10'. In 10-ft kitchen with a 42" bar wall the ceiling is at 42".






Bill Wimberley
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Ceiling elevation

Ceilings automatically set their elevation to the lowest wall that they are attached to. So if all of your walls but one are at 10' and you have one wall that is at 8' then the ceiling will be at 8'. If you need your ceiling at 10' then you will have to adjust it manually. There is no default ceiling height because it is always determined by the lowest height wall in the room.

You can easily tell which walls are controlling the elevation of the ceiling. The connecting circle will be solid on the wall that is controlling the ceiling height and it will have an X on any wall that is above or below the ceiling.

In the case of an 8' exterior wall but a 10' ceiling you need to create a double hip ceiling so that the ceiling slopes up from the 8' wall until it reaches 10' and then the top portion is horizontal.

In the case of the 42" wall your ceiling should not be cutting out around the 42" wall. This can happen if you create the ceiling using auto ceiling or when automatically creating a ceiling in Room Mode. In the case where you have walls that should not be cut out around, such as with the 42" high wall, you should either manually trace the ceiling or if you use auto ceiling you can use the Fillet tool to join the edges back up and eliminate the cut out around the short wall. See the tutorial Not So Obvious Uses For Edit Tools for an example of how to use the Fillet tool to eliminate polygon edges.

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