Can you have mulitple attach points on an electrical symbol?

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Can you have mulitple attach points on an electrical symbol?
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When I place a ceiling fan with a light kit on the plan, I typically draw a connection from one light switch to the center of the symbol for the light.  I then draw another line that attaches to the center of the light, but I have to adjust the arc to it's final place on the ceiling fan blade (see pic).  Is there a simple way to attach the arc to the fan blade without having to adjust it.  It isn't a big deal, but this would save some time when creating my electrical plans.

This may be an overly simple question, but I haven't really created any custom electrical symbols. TIA


- Cory

Bill Wimberley
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Construction Points

The point where electrical connections connect on an electrical symbol is controlled by Construction Points (Tools-->Construction Point). If you want to modify how your fans are connecting you will need to recreate the fan symbols with Construction Points on the blades as well as the center of the fan.

First, in your System Library edit the fan symbol you want to modify. Take a screen shot of the edit dialog so you can replicate all of the settings when you recreate the symbol. Then explode a fan. There should already be a construction point at the center of the fan. Copy this construction point out to each of the blades. Then recreate the fan, using your screen shot as a guide for setting everything back the way it was before.

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