Can I hide the top of the stair on the floorplan?

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Can I hide the top of the stair on the floorplan?
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In the past I've typically drawn the steps via lines and not using the stair tool in Softplan.  Due to a suggestion from a fellow softplan user, I am trying out the stair tool.  On the first floor of plans, I didn't typically don't show the top steps.  I usually use that area of the drawing to note the space under the stairs.  I know I can choose 'Hidden' for the entire stairwell, but that defeats the purpose.  Any suggestions?


The first pic is the way I used to do it with ACAD.  The second pic is how it looks in Softplan before I add anything under the stairs.


- Cory

Bill Wimberley
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Hiding top of stairs

Nope, can't completely hide the top of the stairs. Of course you could explode the lower floor stairs down to lines and then edit the lines. As long as you don't explode the upper floor stairs you will still have something that you can use to reference the stairs location for the floor system as well as a stair system for cross sections and 3D.

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