Calculating Areas with curved elements

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elliot goettelman
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Calculating Areas with curved elements

Does anyone have any knowledge about how to calculate area with curved elements?  For example, I am designing a curved patio for some clients, and they want to see different shapes and configurations.  The mason I am working with hopes that I can have sq. footage calculations for each patio option.  

I have tried to basically place a foundation wall under each patio, in order for the program to see an "area", but when I calculate the area, I don't think it is it is tedious trying to place the curved walls in the correct locations.




Elliot G - Green Door Drafting

Bill Wimberley
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Calculating Areas with curved elements

Elliott, see the tutorial about adding walls for circular stairs. This will give you a better way to create your curved walls to use for defining the areas. Basically you offset your patio shapes a certain distance then use Convert Shape to Wall to make these shapes walls. Depending on your setup I would probably select "plate" as the wall type that you convert the shapes to. You can make the walls hidden if you don't want them to print. You will find this is much simpler than trying to draw in curved walls. I never draw curved walls. I always use shapes then convert them to walls.

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Area Calculation

Elliot, if you are just looking for the area of an irregular shaped patio, you could use Draw>Shape>Spline

and trace entirely around the patio using the Spline.   As long as you close the spline you can then

Edit the Spline and it will show you the area and perimeter.