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Building Options 2016
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2016 Plus

I just started my first project in 2016 and when I tried to assign a couple of items to a different

Building Option I can't get them to disappear from my drawing even when I uncheck them at both

the Master Building Options menu and within the particular item's menu ?  Ideas ?  



Bill Wimberley
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Building Options

In 2016 items can belong to multiple Building Options at the same time. So if any of the Options that are assigned to the object are turned on then the item is visible. You must realize that "Default" is a Building Option. So for an object to be completely controlled by a single Building Option you must uncheck Default as one of the Building Options that are assigned to an object. So for instance if a beam were assigned Building Options "Default" and "Optional Porch" the beam would still be visible even if "Optional Porch" were turned off if "Default" was turned on.

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Thanks Bill, will play with that.  Tough for old dogs to learn new changes you know ;-)