Brick Ledge (Shelf) in Wall Definition

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Todd Wacome
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Brick Ledge (Shelf) in Wall Definition
SoftPlan Version:
2014 Plus

When I attempt to create a wall definition that has a brick ledge, in 3D the ends of the empty space show on corners (inside and outside) and ends of the wall.  Though the appear to be paper thin, it is very confusing to look at in 3D.  The purpose I chose to make the brick shelf wall definition is to make a decent 3D visual like drawing to make sure the foundation contractor understands where there is a brick ledge.


I can't use the 3D to do that becuase it actually is more confusing.


See image.


I've tried using air space, none, stone and making it not visible, etc.  


Does anyone have a way of doing this?



Todd Wacome

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In Softplan different

In Softplan different materials work in different ways.


I was able to make it work correctly by switching the material to clay tile (instead of concrete or cmu's)


Bill Wimberley
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Wall Definition

This wall definition worked for me. Remember to make the Air Space and the Concrete A on top "Fixed" so that they don't change size with different wall heights.

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Air Space

Bill, is there a particular reason to use the Air Space in the wall definition above ?  Because you can

create the wall without using Air Space at all but I'm assuming there must be a reason for using it ?



Bill Wimberley
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Old Habbits

I dunno. Old Habbits? I always build all my walls so that there are no empty spaces. For instance I put an air space between the brick and the wall sheathing. But apparently in this case it wasn't necessary.

Future archeologists can cut open one of my masonry walls and carbon date the air samples from the time when the drawing was made. Just doing my little part to preserve history for the future.'s picture
Preserve History

You've got to admire those preservationists ;-)



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Hi Bill, Sorry for the

Hi Bill, Sorry for the confusion. This was the post I was reading. My bad...still learning.


Do you place the brick on the foundation wall instead of the "air space"? or Could/Should you start the brick the inset distance lower in the wall above definition?

Bill Wimberley
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Foundation Wall

James, since I don't know exactly what you are trying to achieve I can't give a definitive answer. If you are designing a basement with a brick ledge then I would probably build the brick into the top of the basement wall. For instance in the image above where I show a wall definition with an air space you could replace the outside portion of the air space with brick.

If you are wanting a brick ledge in a slab then I would edit the edge of the slab and add select "Recess Wall Above" as discussed in this post. Monolithic Slabs

If you need more specific answers I would need more specific information about exactly what you want to achieve.