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Barbara Fleming
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Board and batten
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I am currently working on an accessory building servicing a future pool.  The overall floor plate is 20'x20. The enclosed building is 12'x20' with a front porch @8x20.  The building will be board and batten (1x10 with 1x3 battens).  

I checked the extended wall types(no luck) and was wondering if anyone had created this wall type.

Much appreciated.


Bill Wimberley
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Board and Batten

There is not any easy way to do that if you are trying to get something that will work in Visible Line mode. I guess you could copy a series of cubes around the house to create the battens.

If you are just needing something for your elevations then create a paint pattern.

If you need something for Textured Mode you can use the Board & Batten texture from the siding textures. You will need to adjust the width to approximate the board sizes you are wanting. If you need a different color than the board and batten siding you can select the board and batten texture then select use color. Select a color that fits what you want. Then increase the Relief Depth to use the texture as a height map.

If none of that works for you then you will have to either find an appropriate texture or make one.


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Bill M
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Again, more good info.  I

Again, more good info.  I knew there had to be a way to change the color but didn't know how.  Now I'll give this a try.

Ryan Brandon
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You are Genius

Thank you for the input on the board and batten colour option. I have been going nuts searching the web for different colours of board and batten and all this time I had the control.

Brent Eichman
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Board and Batten texture

I am working a project with the same issue as this older 2014 post.  I am using v2016 and while selecting 'surface edit' while viewing my model....I do not have the same options available as the 2014 screen shot.  I mean that when I edit the surface texture, my sceen looks different (attached).....maybe v2016 options have changed somewhat.  I've tried many times to change the color of the B&B texture by selecting the 'Auto Match to Texture' without any success. instead what happens is the texture is replaced by a solid color.  I finally found a texture online and imported into the library to use, however the color is still not perfect.

maybe I cannot edit the texture color properties from the model view?


thank you in advance for any help!



Bill Wimberley
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Texture Properties

The texture properties are still there. They were just broken out into separate tabs in 2016. Look at the image you provided and you will see that you are editing the settings on the Texture/Color tab but there is also an Options tab that contains all the other options. Using the image as a height map and adjusting the color using the Color option is an imperfect solution but it can save you from having to create a new texture for each and every color you wish to try. Also I see that you have "Auto Match to Texture" selected and that you have the Texture option selected. If you wish the change the color of the siding you need to switch the setting to Display Color and uncheck Auto Match to Texture. The Auto Match looks at the texture image and sets the color to match the predominant color within the image. You would need to uncheck this and manually adjust the color if you wish your colors to be different.

The "best" options would be to find a pre-made texture or to use an image program such as Photoshop to make your exact image and color you want for your texture. But if you don't have the skills, or simply don't want to take the time, using the method described above could be an alternate way to change colors of a texture.